'After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts specialising in Jewellery and Metals in 2005 at the University of South Australia, Kate went on to complete an apprenticeship with a certificate III in jewellery manufacture (2010), Postgraduate Diploma (2011) and a Masters Degree specialising in Jewellery and Metals in 2012.

She has been a finalist in both the International Opal Jewellery Design Awards (2009) and the Jewellery Association of Australia Awards (2010).

Kate completed the 2 year associate program in the metal studio at JamFactory in 2013 and was a recipient of the ArtStart grant that year. Her work has been exhibited at JamFactory, Zu Design and Council of Objects, as well as being featured in several media publications, showing unique designs and use of technique'


I am a contemporary jeweller, designer and maker of adornments in Adelaide, South Australia, based at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design.

My work explores the relationship between metal and the human body. I am fascinated with how adornment affects the wearer, often reflecting an emotion or way of thinking, and how a piece of jewellery can become a part of the wearer, not only as a physical adornment, but as a part of their identity. 

The formal qualities of highly polished sterling silver and its mercury like presence has come to stand for the marriage of metal and the body, an aesthetic that is central to my practice. The pieces I produce reference elements of tribal jewellery and markings, the genres of science fiction and fantasy, fashion and couture, whilst reflecting time honoured technical skill and the materiality of precious metals

My practice focuses on research based exhibition work, client based commission works and limited edition collections.  


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Kate Sutherland  

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